Love Lies Bleeding

It had to be over ten years ago. My daughter asked me to order seeds to plant. They were put in the ground and a pretty reddish plant appeared in time that one might say was blood colored.

Hence the name, Love Lies Bleeding.

We did not order seeds next year. We did not need to. That is not something the family knew at the time. We had not thought to plant them subsequently, but they came up anyway as a few volunteers.

The following years saw another two or three come up each year. Last year, there was only one in the middle of a bed of beets, and I thought it was over, figuring there had to be at least two to tango.

I prepped the same little plot for green beans this year. To my surprise the whole right side of the bed was covered with, in the words of El Guapo from the Three Amigos movie, a plethora of Love Lies Bleeding plants.

What to do? Should I rip them out and plant beans. Gosh I hate to do something like that to such a pretty plant. No, I couldn’t.

Okay, I’m a sucker for a pretty plant, but was this a good idea?

Before, I had noticed that its seeds looked like buckwheat seeds. Buckwheat is known to attract bees. Doing a little research, it appears LLB does too. Now I am getting excited.

I’ve planted buckwheat for the bees, but other than a few volunteers, the second generation never came up like the LLB.

We’re waiting for the tassels to bloom and are hoping to see our bees all over them. This is exciting.

Will it affect the taste of the honey?

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