Every batch of our hand cream is made by hand. All the beeswax used in making the product is local from rural Massachusetts. The hand cream has a neutral scent as there is nothing added other than the basic ingredients.

From Terry Jackson:
“Your hand cream travelled to Egypt and Italy and Hawaii. In such dry weather your hand cream often became face cream too.”

Another customer:
“I have been using Beeswax hand cream for several years now and I love it. My skin is very dry and the backs of my hands often look a lot like crinkled
tissue paper. They look like hands belonging to an old lady, not to me. I just have to apply a thin coat to my hands and they look like my hands
again. I also apply a little extra to the cuticles and callouses on the hand and on any other trouble spots that need special care. After a few
minutes the cream is all absorbed into the hands leaving them soft not greasy. Lately I have also been applying it to some of the more wrinkled areas on my face. It helps to soften the wrinkles and leaves my skin looking younger.”

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoy the Beeswax hand cream. At age 96, almost near 97 soon – it’s very nice to have this cream My skin looks much better.

Best of luck.